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Let’s Make a New Plan, Stan!

You don’t need to be coy, Roy…

When Guggenheim Partners took over the Dodgers on April 30, 2012, Stan Kasten took over as team President and at the end of August, 2012 the Dodgers completed the largest trade in franchise history, acquiring Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett in a nine-player trade in which they took on more than a quarter of a billion dollars in salary. Magic Johnson said this:

“We did this for our fans. We want to win now. When you bring in the type of players that we’ve brought in, it sends a message to our fans that we want to win. Our players are extremely happy.”

It’s foolish to grade a trade right after it happens, but looking at the collective team success of the two clubs in the four years since that trade, it’s not comparable. The Red Sox won a World Series just a year after the trade. The most amazing aspect of THE TRADE is that none of those players acquired by the Red Sox played a big role in that World Series win and the team that took on the massive salary won nothing!  The Red Sox simply used the money saved to get players who helped them win.  The Dodgers wanted to put “butts in seats” but ultimately it was counterproductive to winning.

Instead of trading for Gonzalez, the Dodgers could have signed Mike Napoli, who had 23 HR, 38 doubles, 92 RBI and had a .360 OB% that next year.  It’s the same Mike Napoli who hit 38 HR, 22 doubles, 101 RBI and a .335 OB% for Cleveland this year.  Yeah, he wasn’t/isn’t Gonzo, but he also wasn’t Crawfish either, and we are still paying both!  I will spare you all the details, but Dodger’s Nation has an in-depth analysis of THE TRADE.  Read it if you like, but it’s time to make a new plan, Stan:

I mention this because THE TRADE has throttled the Dodgers hopes for the past few years and I think it’s time to put THE TRADE out of the present and into the past.  This is way overdue.  The Dodgers have won the NL West the past four years, but cannot go further with the payroll constraints from the past.

It’s time to move on from old bad contracts and get on with the full youth movement.  If it were up to me, I would shed these contracts this winter:

  • Adrian Gonzalez – $22.357 Million in 2017 and 2018 – Total $44.71 Million
  • Carl Crawford – $21.857 Million in 2017 and we are done! This is lost money period!
  • Andre Ethier – $19 Million in 2017 (includes buyout for 2018)
  • Howie Kendrick – $10 Million in 2017

Total salaries due Gonzo, Ethier and Kendrick – $73.71 Million

If the Dodgers can dump those contracts for sixty cents on the dollar, they will have $30 million a season to sign Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen and Mark Melancon.  I think they would be better with those three than the other four.  I’m not done.  I would trade Puig, Calhoun and Gavin Lux (local Wisconsin boy) for Ryan Braun with the Dodgers taking on all but $5 million a year for him.  $15 mill a year is doable to me. We overpay by giving them three solid prospects but we get a RH masher.  Next, I would trade Joc Pederson and (gasp) Yadier Alvarez for Andrew McCutchen (I think the Pirates would take that – the Dodgers #1 prospect and a young team-controlled CF’er).  McCutcher’s contract is up after 2017, so the Dodgers could let him walk if Verdugo is ready or re-sign him. I actually think that in LA and in his walk year, McCutchen might have an MVP-Type Year.

The Dodgers don’t need more pitching – Kazmir, McCarthy or Ryu – at least one will be healthy… maybe more and there are plenty of arms in the minors.  I suppose they could re-sign Blanton, but…  They can still trade a starter or two, as well!

Here’s how the lineup would look:

  1. Toles LF (L)
  2. McCutchen CF (R)
  3. Seager SS  (L)
  4. Braun RF (R)
  5. Turner 3B (R with reverse splits)
  6. Bellinger 1B (L)
  7. Grandal C  (L/R)
  8. Hernandez 2B  (R)

(Tell me that’s not sweet!)


Barnes, Thompson, Segedin, Taylor, SVS


  1. Kershaw
  2. Urias
  3. Maeda
  4. De Leon
  5. Ryu or Kazmir


Wood, Baez, Stripling, Dayton, McCarthy, Jansen, Melancon


Buehler, Stewart, Availan, Ravin, Libertore, Nuno

Get younger, get faster, get better.  Win it all.

Here’s the salary breakdown (I did it hurriedly, so there might be a couple of errors):

Player  Salary
Bellinger  $          520,000.00
Hernandez  $          520,000.00
Seager  $          520,000.00
Turner  $     20,000,000.00
Toles  $          520,000.00
McCutchen  $     14,500,000.00
Braun  $     15,000,000.00
Grandal  $       6,000,000.00
SVS  $       1,500,000.00
Barnes  $          520,000.00
Segedin  $          520,000.00
Thompson  $          520,000.00
Taylor  $          520,000.00
Kershaw  $     35,500,000.00
Kazmir  $     17,600,000.00
McCarthy  $     11,500,000.00
Ryu  $       7,800,000.00
Maeda  $       3,200,000.00
Wood  $       1,500,000.00
Baez  $          520,000.00
De Leon  $          520,000.00
Urias  $          520,000.00
Stripling  $          520,000.00
Jansen  $     18,000,000.00
Melancon  $     13,000,000.00
Dead Contracts  $     50,000,000.00
TOTAL  $  221,340,000.00

80 thoughts on “Let’s Make a New Plan, Stan!

  1. Again with the trade?

    Not worth comment.

    I read this at Rumors:

    “Zaidi’s Dodgers are indeed stacked with depth — in addition to Clayton Kershaw they have options in Julio Urias, Kenta Maeda, Scott Kazmir, Brandon McCarthy, Alex Wood, Jose De Leon, Brock Stewart, Hyun-jin Ryu and Ross Stripling”

    Depth? Seriously? I look at that as quite possibly a very shallow pool. Kershaw may or may not start 32 games next year. I see nobody else in that group starting 30.

      1. You did a great job of ignoring 2001-2009. So if it means no more lame Crawfish posts, then yes, please, pull the covers over your head again.

  2. Only those who refuse to face reality can argue “The Trade” was a good move at this point! No World Championships!!! And today we still have another $60M in salaries to pay from “The Trade”. With hindsight, it is easy to see other paths to victory would have been better. For the, but, but, but Gonzalez crowd: when he wasn’t signed as a free-agent NED needed to pass. No rational argument can be made that after one year in Boston, Gonzalez was suddenly worth over one-hundred million dollars more than what he signed for, the previous year as a free-agent. Napoli, a third ace and a bullpen would have been A LOT better!!

    “It’s time to move on from old bad contracts and get on with the full youth movement”!!! AGREED!!!

    “New Plan the Same as the Old Plan”? Don’t understand, high priced old Braun, for young talent. Really don’t understand Pederson and Alvarez for McCutchen. In my opinion Alvarez is UNTOUCHABLE, they say the kid throws 98 MPH with ease, over 100 with a little effort. Young cheap controllable Pederson is trending up and McCutchen trending down. If McCutchen has a good 2017 he is very expensive or gone after only one year. Pass on both trades! Stay the course FAZ!

    1. Boxout

      I agree about Joc.

      I complain about Joc not adjusting with two strikes, but that is something he can do, if he wants to.

      I do think Joc will hit much better if he makes this change, and he might suprise himself, and hit even more HRs.

      And I won’t have a problem with Joc if he does this, because he will hit better with runners in scoring position, and he will effect the offense in a positive way more often, by putting the ball in play.

      Joc plays better defense in center, then Clutch does at this time in his career, and Joc plays a confident, and solid defense, even going into the wall, that some outfielders won’t, or can’t do.

      But Mark that wasn’t a bad idea, to try to help get a right hand bat in this line up, to hit lefties.

      1. Joc is a very young man and he is learning. Not many players come to the majors and immediately have it figured out. Joc heading into his 3rd season. I think the kid will make big strides.

  3. Mark I’m not going to go over old ground with the Trade again, suffice to say I can see both sides of that argument, and we have at least got to the postseason 4 years in a row.

    I really like your suggestions above, as I don’t share many others optimistic outlook for Joc & Puig. Major upgrade for me, and I only see the very likeable Agon declining further.

    However, reading with interest this morning the mooted trade for Verlander & Kinsler – if we could add those two then I’m all in.
    Can’t have Kike at 2nd.

    Yes it would take prospects, but I’m not sure outside of Urias, that any are top notch.

    That lineup would excite me.

    1. Watford

      Look up Kinsler’s stats, he is a big up grade, and he won’t cost a bunch, because he is only going to be a one year rental.

      And he would help this line up, hit lefties better too.

      He hit 28 HRs, and hit just under 290, this year, and he is a good all around player on defense, and he is also a good base runner, that makes things happen.


    According to Fangraphs player cost per win in 2015 was $7.7mm. Couldn’t find anything for ’16 or $17 but I think you can assume skyrocketing contracts will cause that figure to go up. With that I will make an early prediction that AGon will earn his money next year. Risky call, but I believe in him. He came close this year, needed 2.8, got 2.1, which is about $5 mil short, but he certainly made up for that the preceding 3 years with near 4 WAR every year. He’ll rebound.

    1. Badger

      In True Blue LA they said that Agone’s numbers, including his power numbers, were in line with his past numbers, once he came back after sitting those three games out, so you might be right.

      And if we get another good bat, that hits lefties well, and is a good all around hitter, everybody’s numbers should go up.

    1. Probably sometime during the winter meetings. You can bet both of their agents will be there so they can get comfy with all the teams execs.

    2. James

      That is a worry for me, because this front office has waited to long in the past, and had to make last minute deals, like they did with Kazmir.

      I don’t know if they are trying to be to clever with three team deals, but they better sign these two, or and make sure we have a good closer.

      I just saying that, because I think Kenley will be harder to sign, then Turner.

  5. Mark

    I love the idea about having Melancon set up and Kenley as our closer, but I think we can get rid of the money in a better way.

    I have to say this first, why is Crawford’s dead money even listed here, that makes it look like you went way out of your way, to try to make your point.

    Because there is other dead money, that the Dodgers still have to deal with, not just Crawford’s dead money.

    Instead of trading Agone, I would trade Howie, Ethier, McCarthy, and Kazmir, and if you add this money up, it is about the same or more, if Crawford’s dead money is added.

    That is about 100 million dollars.

    The reason is because Bellinger doesn’t look ready to hit major league pitching, so I would keep him down for at least another year, unless someone gets injured, but I would still be leary to bring him up that soon.

    And I just want to get rid of these two pitchers that can’t be counted on, to either make there starts, or to come in and pitch a good game, more often then not.

    At least Agone plays in almost every game, and he actually makes a contribution to the team, unlike those two pitchers.

    They are not only not that good, they are a bad example for our young pitchers, because Kazmir doesn’t want to be here, and he pitches like he doesn’t want to be here.

    And McCarthy, is just taking up room on the bench, and that is where McCarthy has spent most of his time, since signing with this team.

    Let’s free that space on the bench, for one of our younger pitchers, or for someone else.

    Why the front office choose to give these two pitchers, there first two big multi year contracts to, since they took over this team, is still being questioned, and wasn’t very reassuring either, at that time.

    I don’t know which team I would trade everyone to, or for what players and pitchers, but this is were I would begin, and try to make the payroll go down.

      1. Wishful thinking, but I get your point. I would not count on too much of anything from the walking wounded……

      2. Mark

        I know we don’t have any real number two or three pitchers, and there is no real good pitchers easily available, but it just might be time, to cut our loses, and see what we can get.

        And I know there is always the possibility that we might regret it, but after watching McCarthy collaspe against the Giants, in the last game he pitched, I think we all have seen enough.

        You should have heard McCarthys comments after that game.

        He said the Giants were just so violently hitting his pitches.

        Doesn’t that kind of sound odd.

        I just don’t think he has what it takes, to pitch in LA.

        And we know Kazmir feels the same way.

  6. Look, the trade happened and cannot be rescinded. At the time it seemed like a pretty good gamble for new ownership. They were banking on both Crawford and Beckett rebounding and contributing. Crawford did contribute some. But Beckett never was the same. Punto was Danny DeVito’s favorite player and played his heart out. None of the guys sent to the Red Sox have really been outstanding and Loney is the only one who actually contributed something to the Sox. Gonzalez was the center piece and the reason for the whole thing. He became an instant favorite and a pillar in the community. Now with CC, Punto and Beckett all gone it is on him, and he is getting older and his skills are diminishing, so everyone comes back to dissing the trade. I do not see the Dodgers resigning both Jansen and Turner and think they will lean more towards bringing back Turner’s bat that Kenley’s arm. They can get Melancon cheaper, and there is a report that Chapman wants 100 million. That ain’t happening in LA> . As for Mark’s trades, I think it is wishful thinking that they would trade for both McCutcheon and Braun when the idea is to get younger and cheaper. Bellinger is an up and comer, but I do not believe he is quite ready yet. Can we get these 2 guys??????

  7. As a Vet, I was proud to serve my country. As an American I sincerely hope we can come together as one and make America stronger and better. I have no clue what to expect from Trump and neither am I going to guess what kind of leader he will be. I hope he will put our citizens first and make our nation more secure and safe…..Happy Veterans Day my brothers, and Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps! Semper-Fi!

      1. I was 17 when I enlisted in December of 1965. Served almost 9 years. I was proud to do it. Picture was taken while I was going to radar school at Ft. Bliss in 1966.

        1. Michael

          What a great smile.

          I was wondering because my brother wasn’t that happy about having to serve.

          Which I can’t blame anyone, it was terrible our young men had to fight in that war.

          He went in later then you, because he was a little younger.

          He joined because his number was coming up, to be drafted.

          He was only 15 in 1965 so you and him, are very close in age.

          1. All the men in my family have served. My Dad and his brother were in the Navy in WWII. My dad was aboard the USS Nevada at Pearl Harbor and was wounded when the Arizona blew up. He was transferred that January to a destroyer, the USS Dewey. He got out of the Navy after the Korean war. My son served in the Navy for 4 years in avionics. I enlisted because I felt it was my duty. I may not have agreed with the war later on since it proved to be more politically motivated than a need to defeat an enemy that was threatening our country. But I was proud to serve in any capacity I could. It is a huge reason I have no respect for Bill Clinton since he went to Canada to avoid the draft. To me he is nothing more than a coward. I will say this, Viet Nam was fought mostly by poor men’s sons. Those who had no chance to go to college, and were almost certain to get drafted. Since I volunteered, I did not have that problem. I also am of a mind that military service should be mandatory. It is a great character builder and you learn discipline. Many country’s require mandatory service including Germany and Korea.

  8. I admire Mark for trying to come up with a plan to shore up some of the weak spots in the team last year but, as others have mentioned, find it ironic that he is proposing to get older and more expensive and to trade many prospects which some here treat as if they are sure thing Hall of Famers made of 24 carat gold.

    Anyway, here’s my take:
    Anyone who thinks that the Dodgers “Don’t need more pitching” weren’t watching last year. Their bullpen pitched more innings than anyone and the rotation was a disaster. Assuming that Kershaw is healthy next year, they still have no one else who can be counted on for even 6 innings per game, let alone 7, and who is in the rotation that you would trust to pitch game 2 of a playoff series against the likes of Johnny Cueto, Jake Arrieta, or Steven Strasburg?

    I disagree with Mark that Kazmir, McCarthy or Ryu can be relied on for a healthy 2017. Ryu’s career may actually be over -we don’t know. McCarthy has thrown 170 innings or more 2 times in an 11 year career – he has pitched 63 innings in 2 years for the Dodgers. Kazmir may return to some level of competence – he is 3rd – 5th starter material, but he has a well documented history of fading in August and can’t be trusted down the stretch.

    The rotation looks like this: Kershaw, Maeda, Kazmir and 2 of the kids. I am in favor of letting the kids pitch with the caveat that you need a fallback if it doesn’t work. Team won’t let any of them pitch 180 innings so even with many of them pitching, the fact that several appear to be major league ready isn’t really depth – it’s what you need because none will be able to pitch every 5th day deep into games all season long.

    As I have posted before, the postseason revealed the team’s weaknesses in a stark fashion – non-playoff-worthy starting pitching, inability to hit lefties, an exhausted bullpen (with no true 8th inning option – thus Jansen pitching until his arm fell off – Blanton giving up bombs, Libertore worn out from his previous exertions, Baez best know for his horribly long delays between pitches and the HRs he gave up, Dayton looking lost under the pressure of the bright lights).

    They need to resign Jansen – anyway, I thought that the “plan” was to grow your own and keep them. The Tampa/Oakland “plan” is to grow your own and let them go when they become too expensive. Are we the LA Dodgers or the Tampa Dodgers? I would love to see Melancon come to pitch the 8th instead of Blanton. They have enough “depth” for the pen if the back end is strong.

    They have to resign Turner. His numbers are better than Longoria’s over the past 3 years and he is a better defender. Plus resigning Turner costs them money – trading for Longoria costs them their solid gold prospects.

    They have to sort out the outfield mess and get stronger against southpaws. Trading for Braun and moving Puig and some of the other mediocrities that the Dodgers have under contract (say Kazmir or Ethier or Kendrick) plus prospects will make them stronger and sort out the roster. If they trade Kazmir, then they have need for another starter whom they will have to obtain via trade. Probably Chris Archer, Scott Sale (I say think big!), one of Cleveland’s starters (Bauer maybe, or Carrasco?), or someone of that ilk. And yeah, it would cost prospects.

    Next year’s lineup:
    Kinsler – 2B
    Toles/Thompson – RF
    Seager – SS
    Braun – LF
    Turner – 3B
    Gonzalez – 1B
    Pederson – CF
    Grandal – C

    Kid 1 (Urias)
    Kid 2 (Deleon, Stripling, etc.)


    Finally, I would upgrade 2B. Ian Kinsler makes the most sense but will cost prospects.

    1. Dodger rick

      Your line up is much like I would love to have, but I am kind of afraid about Braun, because he is had problem in the past, with gripping his bat, but if he is the only way we can get that right hand bat, I guess he might be the answer.

      I totally agree about Blanton.

      Blanton wasn’t suppose to be the set up guy, but Hatcher couldn’t do his job, so Roberts had to find someone who could do the job.

      And Blanton did a pretty great job, but he is no set up guy.

      Melancon would really give our bullpen a top set up guy, and he would make the bullpen’s job easier.

      And if we can bring Kenley back, Melancon would make Kenley’s job easier, and they both would help our starting pitchers too.

      We would have the best bullpen we have had, in a while.

      And Kinsler would be a very good upgrade at second, and he would help the line up, hit lefties better too.

      Kinsler is just one of those great all around players, and he is kind of a grinder too.

    2. You mean Chris Sale? The Sox have said that they have no untouchables, but I think any deal for Sale would no doubt mean that Urias would have to be included……I make that trade. Colon and Dickey to the Braves who’s rotation next year will resemble a retirement home and Guierrel Jr signs with the Jays.

  9. Mark, if the team is going to take on older players with big contracts to get a solid righty bat then lets trade Bellinger and Gonzales to AZ for Goldschmidt. Goodschmidt is 29 and going into his declining years so AZ might be willing to make that trade.

    If more players are needed to make that trade and AZ wants to escape from Greinke’s contract, maybe Ethier, McCarthy, Wood, and Schefield would start a conversation to bring back a declining and expensive Greinke to the Dodgers.

      1. Bum

        I can see the Dbacks wanting to get there payroll down and trade Greinke, but they want to get there payroll down, because they want to sign Goldy.

  10. Mark, nice to read your thinking.

    I just hope the Dodgers read this and see these ideas. I know they are smart guys, and it’s time to be smart! Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I see Epstein verses Friedman for some time. May the best man (team) win.

    1. Hello OC Dodger! I concur. the order of business for the Dodgers MUST be as follows:
      Re-sign JT and KJ
      Obtainl BADLY needed RH bats to hit against LHP
      Dispose of those broken pitchers McCarthy, Kazmir and we already can say good bye to Ballet Bret Anderson. No way would Dodgers make that mistake again by giving him a QO
      Of course let’s get away from being too LH dominant in our lineup.. All that does with all these LHB is prompt other teams to drown us with LHP.

  11. Here’s my thinking:

    1. Adding McCutchen and Braun, doesn’t really make us older when we subtract A-Gon, Ethier, Kendrick and already Crawfish. McCutchen is a one-year rental, depending upon how soon Verdugo develops. Adding Braun and McCutchen would help immensely.

    2. Kike may not hit .307 like he did in 2015, but he won’t hit .190 like he did in 2016 either. I think he’s a guy who will hit .260 and jack a few out along the way. Not bad for a #8 hitter and good fielder at 2B. Vision! Not sight…

    3. I am willing to bet that one of the following has a very good season: Ryu, McCarthy, Kazmir. In fact, it may be more than one.

    4. I am not sure most know how good Urias will be next year. I see him a a #2 with a sub 3.00 ERA and 180-190 innings.

    1. You are betting on wounded horses. You could be right but the percentages says you will lose your bet. My guess is than at least 2 of them are of little help at all and that Kazmir most likely is shopped aggressively since neither he nor the team really want to be together. You are also assuming that Ethier will A accept a trade and B. Be wanted by another organization and do you really want to put an untested kid at first……..Kike may rebound, no one knows…….too many question marks again..

      1. Hello Michael Norris, I agree here on those ‘wounded horses’. As some fans pointed out this FO must stop putting bandaids on broken legs so to speak. And as far as Kike goes, he reminds me of what happened with Louis Cruz. Remember him? He came up to Dodgers in 2012, hit about .297 with 7 HR’s in the time he played but as soon as ST in 2013 came around he completely lost it, and that carried over into the 2013 regular season and thus was DFA’d soon after.

        1. yep, I remember Luis well….was a sensation for a while then poof he was gone…..can anyone say Alex Guererro?

    2. McCutcheon had a bad 2016 and hit .256 with 24 HR. A one year aberration? Don’t know. We do know that he can’t play CF any longer. He put up -2.6 d-WAR last year per Baseball Reference and the Pirates went though controversy because he refused, like Matt Kemp, to move to an outfield corner so that Sterling Marte could move to CF.

      Alex Verdugo is another lefty swinger and he doesn’t have much power. From what I read recently, he has gotten stocky and is thought to be moving to an outfield corner soon.

      Ryu may be done. McCarty will probably never throw 100 innings in a Major League season again. He hasn’t done so often and has 63 innings in 2 years for LA. Kazmir will likely bounce back but the Dodgers can do better.

      From what I have read, Urias won’t pitch that many innings in 2017. He only threw 127 innings, including post season, at all levels last year and the Dodgers won’t take a chance on hurting his arm. A 25% increase in his workload would be 159 innings and I doubt that the Dodgers will ask much more than this from him – he is only 20.

      I don’t believe that the Dodgers think that Kike is any kind of an answer at 2B – based on what I have seen, I don’t believe so either.

    3. Hello Mark, and I like your ideas for this lineup you posted except I am not sold on Hernandez at all. To me he fell out of favor this year especially because he was not effective at all against LHP like he was the year before. many fans feel he has played his way of the roster
      Toles LF (L)
      McCutchen CF (R)
      Seager SS (L)
      Braun RF (R)
      Turner 3B (R with reverse splits)
      Bellinger 1B (L)
      Grandal C (L/R)
      Hernandez 2B (R) ?????? Only one I would not have in there.

  12. To use your words Mark. Pederson and Alvarez for McCutcheon is a dope fiend move. This front office values defense and would have no problem making McCutcheon a LF, but not a top notch CF anymore. You have just traded away Joc, Puig, Alvarez, Calhoun, and Lux for two guys in their mid thirites and you want to offset that by making the starting first baseman a guy who hit .270 at AA last year? I like Bellinger as much as the next guy, but he isn’t starting the season at 1st next year. We will see him on September 1st unless their is an injury that necessitates him comping up earlier. The Dodgers need Gonzalez for one more season and he will be easier to move and get 75 cents on the dollar after next season if he performs similarly next year. The Dodgers just traded away Montas, Cotton, and Holmes for 2 rentals.

    Also, we’ve seen nothing that tells anyone that Kike is a good defensive second baseman. If it were the case, they wouldn’t have brought back Kendrick. The only way Maeda only makes $3.2 m next year is if he is injured and doesn’t pitch.

    I think Calhoun gets traded to an AL team. That much we agree on. I would also eat money to get rid of guys like McCarthy, Kazmir, Ethier, and Kendrick this year. However, I am not trading Bellinger, Alvarez, or Buehler.

    I believe JT will be signed. Teams have to put a value on guys like Turner who do so much in the community while being a leader and top notch 3rd baseman.

  13. The Braves signed RA Dickey and Bartolo Colon. The Blue Jays just signed someone. Why does it take the Dodgers so long to sign their free agents. Change the approach of waiting and strike now.

  14. Moya, I agree with you. Sign Jansen and Turner now. The longer they want, the less likely they will sign with the Dodgers.

    Mark, you are giving up too much for McCutcheon. Peterson and Alverez are going to be good players for us for a long time.

    We need to get rid of Kasmir. Ryu and McCarthy may make it back, but I am not sure. I would trade Eithier and Agon. I just do not know how FAZ values Stripling, Stewart, Urias and DeLeon. It looks to me like two of those certainly could be starters.

    1. First off, Ethier can refuse any trade. So he will only go if he approves the destination and that limits your options. Jansen and Turner are two of the most sought after free agents. Now it will only take money to reel them in, but it is going to take a LOT of money. Chapman is quoted as wanting a 5 year 100 million dollar contract. Jansen could command 20 million a year, and sorry, but this ownership and this FO do not put that high a price tag on closers. I do not trade 2 young outfielders for McCutcheon. Getting rid of Kazmir, Ryu and McCarthy would take a magician. And I do not think that is FAZ’s forte. As for trading A-Gone, who are you going to put over there at first? The kid Bellinger? I am not sure a kid who has less than a full year at AAA is ready for that. Then there is his contract which again makes trading him a very iffy proposition. I doubt any of Mark’s ideas come to fruition and the only one that has any legs is Braun because there is still a lot of chatter out there that the Puig-Braun deal will be revisited.

  15. Darren Ruf is a lumbering LF/1B type – Scott Van Slyke in other words. He hits lefties but can’t hit righties. He was in the minors most of the season for the Phils last year. He was supposed to replace Ryan Howard at 1B for the Phils but couldn’t hack it. Sweeney is filler.

    1. Hello dodgerrick! Most likely for ‘depth’ as they say like SVS was against LHP. As for not hitting RHP, (RUF)it’s most likely not going to be an issue because this team will still be LH dominant that does well enough against RHP anyway.

  16. Between Ruiz and Kendrick that should be nearly $15m off the payroll which equals about a year of either Turner or Jansen.

    1. It appears to be more of a salary dump and I get impression from some comments already that they most likely won’t solve much and are not players to get Dodgers to next level.

      1. To free up enough money they have to unload a lot more than Howie and Cruz. Jansen alone will get a contract for more than 17 million a year…..Turner will be in the 15-17 million range and Jansen wants 5 years.

  17. RF Toles
    2B Kinsler
    SS Seagar
    LF Braun
    3B Turner
    CF McCutheon
    1B Bellinger
    C Grandal


    1. Also in order to get Kinsler, they are going to have to take Verlander. I think that is what the Tigers are thinking and the Detroit scribes are even saying that the teams are talking. I am not giving up two good kids, Pederson and Verdugo for an older guy who is on the rebound, McCutcheon.

  18. Trade an unhappy player and get 2 players back who are nothing more than depth. Ruf is not that impressive and Sweeny a career minor leaguer.

  19. Howie has deferred money coming to him in 2018 and 2019. Who pays? How much did the Dodgers actually save by trading him?

      1. That was a picture of the late Mr. Wolf. He was my nephew’s dog/wolf but he spent a lot of time here and I love him as much as possible. He was the smartest dog I ever saw. We still tell stories about the amazing things he done. He was smarter than any human he ever met. We miss him so much… I figure God saw how great he was and decided He deserved a dog like that more than us mortals…

        1. Wondering

          He was a really pretty dog.

          I’m sorry you lost him.

          I had a little female dog that was like that.

          She was an angel on earth.

          She was a mini schnauzer, and she was as sweet as she was smart.

          I have a little boy schnauzer now, and his name is Spencer.

          He is a little athlete, and he keeps me moving, and he is great companion.

          I think that animals are so perfect in nature, that they know God more then people do.

          The only thing bad about dogs, is that they don’t live a long time, but they still make a profound mark on us all, while they are here, like Mr Wolf did for you.

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