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Dodgers Spring Training

Dodgers Spring Training Camp in Tweets

On Friday afternoon four of the most beautiful words in the English language kicked off spring training for the Dodgers. PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT. Friday marked the official first day of Dodgers spring training camp as pitchers and catchers reported for duty. Next Wednesday is mandatory reporting day for the

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Corey Seager

Did The Dodgers Improve or Decline This Winter?

You know there is nothing going on when the main headline this week is about equipment trucks driving Dodger gear to Glendale, Arizona. Rest assured the trucks were filled with Tommy Lasorda bobbleheads. We can’t begin spring training without those. Seriously guys, if there are no Tommy bobbleheads then we

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Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers Valentine Weekend News and Notes

T-minus seven days until spring training camp breaks in Glendale, Arizona. We’ve already got some great spring weather going over here in Southern California. Feels like baseball weather. Spring and love is in the air. Dodgers News and notes are also in the air. Not literally floating in the air. You

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Dodgers Sign Brandon Hicks, Extend Spring Invite

The Dodgers have brought another light hitting infielder into the mix, although one with some pop. Per Eric Stephen the Dodgers have reportedly signed infielder Brandon Hicks to a minor league contract with an invite to spring training. Yes it’s the same infielder that played for the Giants in 2014. https://twitter.com/truebluela/status/697226588585226240

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Dodgers Preparing For a Wonderfully Boring Spring Training

In about nine days spring training will begin for the Dodgers. The first couple of weeks of spring training are the most boring. There are no games going on and not much else. Nothing to do but watch the players hop around and do jumping jacks, play catch, and take

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